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New Karmann Ghia TS

My passion, I was able to interest the guys from the company EUROMATIC, thanks to a solid support and the personal commitment of Ms. President in 2009, we started designing a Karmann Ghia…. Read more

Model's history

In 1874 Wilhelm KARMANN set up a car factory in Osnabruck. When in 1885 Karl Benz created the first vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine, Karmann adjusted his factory to the new market situation. Read more

In Poland

Karmann always sat in my head. I do not know how the others, but I lost to Karmann Ghia head in a heart beat. Read more


Welcome on behalf of myself and my Karmann.

I’ve created this site in order to show my progress in resuscitation of my 14th to a wider circle of Karmann lovers. However, I’m still open to your proposals and remarks, and I hope that you will participate in co-creation of this site.

Tomasz Sokół