Karmann Gia 995 Rs

Karmann Gia 995 Rs is constantly on the sale, it’s manufactured by a German company Bader-Racing. It looks almost the same fromthe outside, inside it’s an electronic-larded monster: 321hp, a six-gear gear box, maximum speed 300km/h, only 4.4s to 100km/h. If you’re interested, let me tell you that in June 2005 it cost €255,000.

Rudolph Perfect Roadster

Rudolph Perfect Roadster GmbH offers a cheaper version. For €25,500 you can get: front disk brakes, engine 1600cc/37KW/50hp – convertible roof, chrome rings 5.5x15, a console radio/CD, metallic paint. Required extra-charge: original chrome bumper with corners – €1,250, leather upholstery - €1,200.

International Auto Show fairs in Detroit

At the American International Auto Show fairs in Detroit. The Karmann GmbH Company presented a prototype of a new Karmann-Gia.

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