Our History

I bought my 14th on 27 April 2000 from Mr. Jarek from Łódź (Mr. Jarek’s Karmann in the picture).

Best regards to Mr. Jarek.


She: Karmann Ghia Coupe 1962. Body: two doors, made entirely of steel, pontoo type, broaden frame, platform type, bolted widscreen – convex angle 50 degrees, boots capacity: front 0.15 cc, back 0.18 cc.


Measures: wheelbase 2400mm, track of front wheels 1305mm, track of back wheels 1288mm, length 4140mm, width 1634mm, height 1300mm, ground clearance 152mm


Mass: the car ready to go 820kg, acceptable load 320kg, complete mass 1140kg, fuel tank 40L including reserve 5L. Performance: maximum speed 120km/h, maximum torque 4040 rpm.


Acceleration time: 0-40 km/h 5,5s; 0-60 km/h 11,0s; 0-80 km/h 18,0s; 0-100 km/h 32,5s. Fuel consumption: 7,5L/100km, city conditions 7,5-11L/100km, oil consumption: 0,3-1,0L/1000km


Engine: 25kW (34hp) – manufactured since 1960. It differs from previous models with its carburettor is fitted with an automatic starting device. The engine type: four-stroke, four-cylinder, carburettor, cooled with air.


Cylinder diameter / travel of a piston – 77/64mm, cylinder capacity – 1192cm2, compresion ratio – 7.0, maximum power according to DIN – 25kW (34hp) at 3600rpm, maximum torque – 82Nm (8.4kGm) at 2000rpm, engine mass – 110kg.


Two-pieces crankcase – made of magnesium alloy, divided perpendicularly to bearings of crankshaft and distribution shaft. Cylinders - separate made of special cast iron, cylinder heads – made of aluminium alloy, ribbed, each for two cylinders. Crankshaft – based on four main bearings. Pistons – made of aluminium with steel packing.


Distribution shaft – made of grey cast iron, based on three slide bearings in crankcase. Air cooling by a radial blower powered together with the generator. Lubrication – circulating under pressure. Spark plugs – thread 14mm, thermal value 145, air filter with hot air inlet.


Within nearly five years of work on my Karmann I made many interesting contacts with reliable and honest people trading in Karmann’s new and second-hand parts in Germany. (I can send you a catalogue). I also have a fully equipped garage where I renewed my 14th.

If You need please write to me !